Facilities & Amenities


Your Cabin

The shore of the island is ringed with 47 screened 16-foot cabins, each with an individual dock and a beautiful view of the surrounding lake and mountains. Each cabin is furnished with a front porch, two single beds, a pitcher, a basin, and a sunshower. During the summer weeks, linens are provided. Composting outhouses and rustic privies are located within a short distance of common areas and cabins.

Main House MG.jpg

The Main House

Three substantial meals are served family style each day at the main house. The main house has electricity and running water, reading and game rooms, a fireplace, and a wood stove. Campers eat family-style meals on the wrap-around porch.


The Main Dock

A large recreation hall faces the main dock. Many campers congregate there for swimming, reading, ping-pong, board games, and talking with old and new friends. Campers can rent canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and sailboats for a nominal weekly fee.

Retreat 2019.jpg

The Retreat

The Retreat offers a quiet place for adults to enjoy peaceful reading, writing and reflection beside a fireplace.


The Clivus

Several outhouses on the island use Clivus composting toilets. They are self-contained, waterless and odorless systems that use no chemicals, heat or water and have no discharge to pollute groundwater. Each one can save tens of thousands of liters of water per year in comparison to a flush toilet, and is less polluting than a traditional outhouse.


43 Beautiful Acres

The island also contains walking trails, a tennis court and volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, a rhododendron swamp, a tree trail, small sandy beaches, and composting toilets and outhouses.