Staff & Croo

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Managers and Staff

During the nine-week summer season, the camp is staffed by Summer Co-Managers, a Maintenance Manager, and a Cook and Baker, who live and work on the island full-time.

Contact the Summer Co-Managers at, or during the summer months at the camp phone answering machine: 603-279-7626. During the summer, the Managers have limited access to email and check messages once per day.

From September through May, an Off-Season Manager is responsible for volunteer work weekends and programming that supports the camp’s mission and values. Those wishing to apply to use the camp during the off-season are invited to apply here

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The Croo

The majority of Three Mile Island Camp facilities and activities are managed and handled by the “Croo,” a group of 18 young adults who live and work on the island all summer long. The Croo cook and serve meals, maintain the camp, deliver baggage and serve as a constant source of excitement and entertainment to the campers.

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